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Experience. Execution. Ease.

Hi, I'm Jernell Simmons.

As a wedding strategist, I help overwhelmed MOH/POH (Maid/Matron of Honor, Person of Honor) plan and execute fabulous and fun group wedding events so the wedding party can spend less time in the details and more time enjoying the celebration. Giving the ability to enjoy the wedding – without fussing.

Having participated in over 15 weddings in the last decade, I know how to throw a great wedding shower, plan a fabulous Bach party, and select figure-flattering bridesmaids dresses. Even how to get a wet mark from satin (it’s baby powder by the way).

Through my company, The Professional Wedding BFF, I let MOH/POHs delegate the details so they fully and fabulously celebrate their friends without skipping a beat in the hectic demands of their own personal and professional lives.

Because if we’re honest, life doesn’t stop because you’re asked to be in a wedding. So, allow me to share my veteran knowledge and help you handle all those MOH/POH duties.  Consider me your personal wedding BFF that shares all the knowledge and helps in the clutch. 

I look forward to working with you. Cheers!

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